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At Osoy, we assist individuals with discovering their purpose.

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Who we are

Osoy is a rehabilitation center that treats a range of addiction-related issues, including alcohol and drug dependency. We specialize in providing comprehensive care for patients who are seeking recovery for their mental health and physical well-being.

Addiction recovery is a journey. But, recovery doesn’t have to be confusing, expensive, or difficult. We offer personalized recovery programs that are backed by evidence-based treatment and cutting-edge technology for clients in need of help.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the program is to assist individuals with discovering their purpose by promoting self-sufficiency while providing individualized, compassionate care. It is our purpose to maximize the importance of our client’s potentials, while emphasizing culturally driven services. We strive to instill the tools to maintain long-term sobriety by reducing the stigma and shame of addiction while staying true to our core values of acceptance, accountability, community, and faith.

Our Goals

1. To provide holistic treatment approaches that focus on the mind and body for complete healing.
2. To provide a safe environment for clients and to eliminate the stigma surrounding substance use disorders.
3. To expand a network of referrals with OSOY Healing Health and to cultivate and develop community partnerships with other providers to benefit clients.
4. To provide psychoeducational information and relapse prevention so clients can understand and avoid dangerous triggers.
5. To have patients actively participate in their treatment planning.
6. To help clients explore and connect with their cultural and spirituality by finding
appropriate recreational activities.
7. To support clients’, assume responsible roles in society by maximizing their physical health, address their mental health issues, improve their family relationships, and develop necessary educational and vocational skills.

Quality You Can Trust

We maintain an open door policy to enable clients and their family members to communicate with us. We also offer convenient appointments.

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